18 differenze tra vivere in Italia e USA.

Living In Italy.Moving To Italy. Loving In Italy. Laughing In Italy.

The US and Italy are at polar opposite ends of pretty much every spectrum and floating between the two worlds is like hopping back and fourth in time between planets . I often say that if you could simply combine both countries you’d have a nearly perfect system (you’d basically have a fashionable and less pervy version of Germany).

P.S. I’m about to generalize. For the rare few who get really freaked out by this:  I’d recommend skipping this post and watching this video of a Capybara instead. If you continue reading it anyways and then leave a comment saying, “not everyone is like this” you’re an asshole. Because it’s a generalization and in a generalization it’s obvious that it’s in general and that I’m not writing about every single human being in both countries. There are many, many, many exceptions. 

1. Eating. In Italy you’ll find people who love…

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