Dallas-based Zix Corporation (s ZIXI) has launched a new software service designed to alleviate security concerns for Google Apps customers. The email data protection company created GAME, which stands for Google Apps Message Encryption, to ensure that emails sent outside of the Google (s GOOG) cloud network are encrypted.

In a phone interview with Gigaom, Nigel Johnson, Zix’s VP of business development, said the way GAME works is that Zix sets up a gateway–hosted in the cloud–that acts as a security buffer between email networks. Essentially, all outbound mail from a GAME customer that gets sent to an outside email client, like Microsoft(s MSFT) Exchange, goes through the Zix gateway where it gets encrypted and then delivered to the recipient.

Google currently claims that its email service is secure as long as messages are being sent throughout the company’s infrastructure as well as to its clientele. Messages being passed along…

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